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Pricing structure is designed to be fair and accurate based on the specifics of each home with regard to the estimated duration of the job and time needed for writing a thorough report. We do not strive to be the cheapest inspectors in town, as you do get what you pay for in this industry. Our quality is reflected in each and every report we deliver. Home Inspection Reports will be available by the end of the day and Fungal Analysis Reports from air sampling are typically emailed from the lab within 48 hours.

Pricing FAQ’s:

How are inspection fees calculated?

We start with a $300 base price and then add $.05 per square foot. For example a 1,000 sq ft home would have a base price of $300 + $50 ($1000 x .05). If this were a 10 year old slab home with no garage that would be the entire inspection fee. Otherwise, there may be other aspects that increase the price of the job. The calculator above denotes values for various features when selected.

Should I include Air Sampling with my home inspection?

You save $150 when you include Air Sampling with the home inspection as opposed to ordering it as a stand-alone service. Include if your family is sensitive to airborne allergens, if the home has a history of water damage or if the home has sat vacant for any period of time. Two control samples are included with the $200 charge (one outside and one inside), and we recommend taking additional samples for each additional level of living space and in any areas where moisture is high or in any rooms where fungus or mildew is observed. Additional samples are $75 each.

$100 Crawlspace upcharge?

Yes, and that’s a deal! Major defects hide under houses (as well as critters) and this small investment often saves buyers thousands of dollars during negotiations. Crawlspaces require protective equipment and routinely add a significant amount of time to the inspector’s day.

No upcharge for Infrared imaging?

That’s right, no charge! Infrared imagers are incredible tools that help inspectors do a more complete job. We don’t feel like we haven’t gotten the full picture if we don’t use infrared, so we include it as part of our everyday service. Some inspection companies charge more for this service and some don’t even use infrared but we know thermal imaging will be standard operating procedure for all home inspectors in the near future.

Why charge more for older homes?

Simply, older homes typically have more defects to report on. If they don’t still have antiquated systems in use then there may be previous repairs or alterations that require careful consideration. Typical “old house” defects can be hazardous as they are generally structural, environmental or electrical in nature.

Does my house have a Detached Garage or a Finished Outbuilding?

We charge for one or the other, not both. If the detached garage has a living space above it (i.e. Mother-in-Law suite) then it will be charged as a Finished Outbuilding and there is no garage fee. If the detached garage only has unconditioned storage space then it will be charged as a Detached Garage. Outbuildings cost more because they have separate electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems to inspect.

Do I really need a Sewer Scope?

If the home you are purchasing is older than 50 years of age then your cast iron waste pipes are nearing the end of their expected service life. Many homes built in the 1940s and 1950s have plumbing systems that are currently deteriorating from the inside out. Sewer Scopes can identify defects before your new yard is filled with sewage. Sewer Scope evaluation is the only service we offer that is performed by a third party.