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House shopping in the Charleston area? What a great place to call home! Once you’ve selected the right neighborhood, property and floor plan it’s time for an inspector to look a little deeper. We look straight past the fixtures and finishes to evaluate the systems and components that make a building function (or cause a building to fail.)

RHI uses cutting edge technology at the forefront of the inspection industry to locate defects, test systems and evaluate performance. And we deliver a thorough, professional, interactive report by the end of the day!

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Infrared cameras are an invaluable inspection tool, as they can highlight unseen defects such as water intrusion, plumbing leaks, insulation voids, electrical hot spots, HVAC issues and air leaks. Home inspections are a visual evaluation, right?

Well thermal imagers allow us to quite literally see in another light spectrum, beyond the visible spectrum–the infrared spectrum! Infrared images illustrate how objects and surfaces absorb, emit and reflect radiation at different rates. With our trained eyes and knowledge of building science we can interpret thermograms to pinpoint and explain defects in a home.

If you’re not using thermal imaging, you’re not getting the full picture.

We understand that time is of the essence. During your home buying process you and your agent shouldn’t be held up waiting days for an inspection report. We guarantee same day report delivery for every home inspection.

Our narrative reports use just the right balance of plain english with industry jargon to outline defects, implications and recommendations in a way that new homeowners can understand. We also take the time to explain and identify the major systems of your home, even if they are free of deficiencies.

Allow us to introduce you to your new home.

Supplemental recall reports can be ordered for any property inspected. RecallChek is a third party watchdog company that notifies homeowners if any of their installed appliances have been recalled for any reason.

RecallChek will alert customers in the event of a current or future recall and help facilitate repair or replacement, paid for by the manufacturer. We include HVAC equipment, water heaters and kitchen appliances at the time of the home inspection but there are dozens of other products customers can add for future protection.

RecallChek can be added to the inspection for a nominal fee.

The best way to get a good feel for a roof is to walk the roof, touch it with your hands and inspect it closely. But the fact of the matter is some roofs are just dangerous. We take our jobs seriously and work hard for our clients, but we will not risk our lives over a home inspection.

When roofs are too tall or too steep to safely walk, we use drones to photograph the roof from close proximity. (Many inspectors just look from the ground.) Drone roof inspections allow us to virtually walk the roof and visually inspect every corner.

The drones also allow us to capture breathtaking images of your neighborhood worthy of professional listing photos.

Mold isn’t always visible so air sampling is necessary to evaluate the environment inside a building. This is especially important for families with allergies, for houses with crawlspaces and for old homes in general.

Our inspectors can take air samples during the inspection and send cassettes to an environmental testing laboratory for analysis. Third party lab will produce a separate report with detailed graphics and descriptions which identify species and concentration of bioaerosols captured during sampling.

With this information buyers can negotiate remediation if necessary. Air sampling is offered as a stand-alone service but can be added to any inspection at a discounted rate.

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Great view from the office today! ...

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Let’s hear it for this Secondary Condensate Drain Line! Failure at primary line leaked water directly into the safety pan. Secondary drain line directed standing water from the pan to the exterior without any staining or water damage on the interior. This is why engineers build redundancy into various home systems. #beltandsuspenders #unsunghero #dodgedabullet #radianthomeinspections #whatleak ...

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First time I’ve ever seen a sprinkler watering a crawlspace! Corrosion and blockages were so bad inside this old copper and cast iron drain system that drain pipes were pressurized enough to shoot water out of 20 pinhole leaks in this copper waste line. What you see here happened every time they flushed this toilet.
Sewer scope inspection was recommended, and it is highly likely that a full system replacement followed. #gross #radianthomeinspections #crawlspaceinspections

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Beautiful view over Church Creek this morning! We always try to snag a couple landscape shots if our clients are buying close to water. #smelltheroses #droneinspections #radianthomeinspections ...

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Loud buzzing, numerous double taps, overheated conductors and no main disconnect on site! Yikes!
And this house had a lot of electrical hazards elsewhere. We recommended a full re-wire on this one. #firehazard #homeinspection #radianthomeinspections #shocking #yikes

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The courage and strength of American military personnel has ensured safety and comfort for families around the world that can never be repaid. Thank you to all who have served. Happy Veterans Day!
We honor you today and always.
#veteransday #thankaveteran #supportveterans🇺🇸

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Always nice to see positive reviews from happy clients. I remember Kevin’s brand new furnaces were oriented in the attic in such a way that no service technician could safely or comfortably access one of them for maintenance. By default this system would have been neglected during service calls from the beginning. We got that corrected and he can expect a longer service life as a result. #newconstruction #radianthomeinspections #anothersatisfiedclient #positivereviewsfuelthefire ...

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The view from one of our roof inspections this morning. Can you guess where this condo building is located? @charlestonestates no spoilers! #radianthomeinspections #roofaccess #springincharleston ...

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